Winter 2014 Price List

Call for Discounted Quote if you need multiple jobs  

Call For Mobile "Call Out" Service from £40 + Cost of Job

  • Are you in the Sudio and need a quick Nut Job?
  • Have you just got to your gig and your guitars have stopped working?
  • Give me a call and i'll come to you and get you back up and running ASAP

Full Professional Guitar Setup/Service £45 + Strings

  • Set Action, Adjust Truss Rod, Adjust Intonation using PETERSON Tuner, Restring, Test Pots Switches and Sockets, Clean Finger Board, Fret Polish, Pickup Height, Polish Guitar.

Floyd Rose / Kahler Pro Setup £50 + Strings

  • Same as Full Pro Setup

Re-stringing £12.50 + Strings

Fret Dress £70

  • Includes Setup full Fret Dress, Profile and Polish
  • High/Buzzing fret correction from £7.50

Full or Partial Re-Fret From £35

Nut Replacement £35 + Cost of Nut

Acoustic Saddle Replacement £35 + Cost of Saddle

Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue £50

Acoustic Pre-Amp installation (Fishman, LRBaggs etc.)  from £35

Electrics & Wiring

  • Pickup replacement from £25 + parts cost
  • 1 Pickup £25, 2 Pickups £40 and 3 Pickups £50 + strings
  • Pickup Potting (Feedback/Squeal Reduction) from £25
  • Pot Replacement from £15 + parts
  • Switch Recplacement from £15 + parts
  • Socket Replacement from £15 + parts
  • Full or Part Rewire from £20 (then hourly rate)
  • Wiring Modifications, there are so many variables here £ Call 07775 73 7773 For Quote

Broken Headstock Repair from £60

Do you Want A Guitar Tech at Your Gig for the Whole Day?

  • Got a Big show / Important gig coming up?  Worried about breaking strings and gear going down During the Show?
  • Dont worry, Call me and I will be your Guitar Tech for the Day! 
  • I will setup and provide all the maintenance needed for your guitars and amps.
  • You can concentrate on your Performance - I will fix any equipment issues you have during your gig! 
  • Feel like a professional and Perform worry FREE £ Call 07775 73 7773 For Quote available to whole UK!                                                                                           

Tolex / Grill Cloth  £ Call 07775 73 7773 For Quote

  • We are currently restoring amp and cabinet TOLEX / GRILL CLOTH . So if your Fender Twin has a rip/ tear we can replace the cloth. Or you just fancy changing the colour of your 4 x 12 .

Diagnostics and repair of FX units and Pedals. £ 25 / hour

All stringed instruments are welcome.

Free Collection and Drop off service available*

 (*Free within the Burton area,otherwise Or 20p/mile for outside areas.)

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