Burton Guitar Repair


I am a Burton based Guitar Technician who has been providing services to the Stars and the Touring Guitarist spanning Three decades.

This service is now available to you on your doorstep with Burton Guitar Repair at GuitarHQ 

Are you the next Star who's Guitar will get Fixed?

Click the Artist tab to see which Stars have had their Guitars Repaired by Andy@GuitarHQ.

If you are needing to get your Guitar Repaired in Burton, Derby, Derbyshire or wether you just need a guitar intonating, setting up or a complete re-fret, we can do it all here with Burton Guitar Repair at GuitarHQ.

All jobs are welcome and you dont need a RockStars Wallet to afford our Prices.

Do you Want A Guitar Tech at Your Gig for the Whole Day?

  • Got a Big show / Important gig coming up?  Worried about breaking strings and gear going down During the Show?
  • Dont worry, Call me and I will be your Guitar Tech for the Day! 
  • I will setup and provide all the maintenance needed for your guitars and amps.
  • You can concentrate on your Performance - I will fix any equipment issues you have during your gig! 
  • Feel like a professional and Perform worry FREE £ Call 07775 73 7773 For Quote available to whole UK!    

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